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For an immediate return, E-Mail Marketing is the highest ROI in the marketing world. From newsletters, to automated flows and sales campaigns, E-Mail provides you with the perfect platform to deliver your message.

email marketing stats

We're experts in maximizing e-mail efforts, and we don't pretend to be modest about it. Our clients are frequently seeing up to 75% higher open and click-through rates than benchmarks not just across the firearms industry, but e-mail marketers as a whole.

How can we
achieve this? By understanding our customer base. By knowing what drives consumers of individual brand identities, we're able to connect with them on a personal level. Shoving a spec-sheet into someones inbox doesn't net you much more than a comparison to the next guy... and the next guys prices.

What drives consumers, what drives all people, is the desire to feel a part of something. By connecting and giving someone a brand experience, you can convert them from a shopper, to a loyal consumer for life.

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